7 tips on how to find the perfect hair and make-up stylist for your big day

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7 tips on how to find the perfect hair and make-up stylist for your big day.

It’s official, fairy tales are true, Prince Charming exists – he has proposed and you will both get your happy ever after! Unfortunately, what the fairy tales don’t tell you is the amount of work, time, stress and diplomacy involved in the planning of your wedding day.

On searching the internet for assistance, you would be forgiven for coming out in hives and/or hyperventilating at the length of the lists, the time and money suggested for planning and execution and of course, the horror stories…

In an attempt to prevent the above reaction, I have provided some top tips below which I have found very helpful during my career so far when it comes to your hair and make-up for your big day.

Browse and Book Early – I would suggest booking your makeup and hair artist at the same time as searching for that all-important dress, if not before. I already have bookings for 2019! The style of your hair, makeup and dress are intrinsically linked – it is a whole style package – each individual part should compliment the final style desired. This also prevents you from missing out on the artist/stylist that you want by reserving your date early and ensuring their availability.

Know what you are paying for – this service is wholly different to a usual salon appointment for your hair and/or makeup. The cost of this service for your wedding will also be different, however, it is important to know what service you will be receiving. The service which I provide (and which is usual in this sector) includes:

Initial consultation in relation to the wedding itself, including the date, time, venue – but more importantly the styles that you like and wish to achieve for your wedding day. This consultation is usually conducted by telephone, e-mail, Skype etc. during this consultation, a date is agreed for a preview trial;

Preview trial is an appointment which is arranged exclusively for you, where styles are created, along with makeup to create the look that will be achieved on your wedding day. The preview trial is used to ensure that the style chosen is perfect for you and the style that you wish to achieve;

Continuous contact is encouraged during the period up to your wedding day to ensure that the timings for the day are agreed and to deal with any last-minute questions or queries from the bride to be. This contact is usually out of normal working hours, due to other commitments and will all be included in the price of the package;

Travel to your venue is usually charged as an extra to the package price but this should always be included in the quotation provided pre-booking. It is usually unsocial hours in which the travel is to be undertaken, depending on the distance to be covered, to ensure that sufficient time is available to style the wedding party (usually to inc bridesmaids, mother of bride etc);

Public Liability Insurance in also provided to your venue owners, the electrical goods are all PAT tested for safety, and all services are extremely professional and designed to ensure that you, as the most important person on your wedding day, are not stressed or concerned or troubled with any aspect of your hair and makeup.

The moral of this fairy tale is that YOU COME FIRST – YOU of course includes the dress, the hair and the makeup!

By browsing early on will ensure that you find the right professional stylist to look after you on your wedding day – you will have the time to build up a relationship and understanding with that chosen stylist, you will know what style you are having and be confident in achieving that style.

It is most definitely worth remembering that if all else goes awry – YOU will look amazing on the day in front of all of your family and friends and in all of the photographic memories of your day!

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