New year, new hair colour – What’s the best hair colour for you?

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What's the best hair
colour for you?

I want to share with you some top tips on choosing your new hair colour. Apparently 70% of women colour their hair. You may go to a salon or colour your own using box colours. You may have had the same colour for years and now want a change, or you might like changing your colour more often. However I see a lot of people with unflattering hair colours. This of course may be their intention
to stand out in the crowd or maybe they just do not realise how the right colour can boost your mood, confidence and make you feel and look great.

The most common problems are:

1. Too dark for your skin – just because you once had very dark hair, as you age your skin changes and you need to go gradually lighter. (This is much harder to correct in one session)

2. Too warm for your skin – as we age our skin loses some of it’s warmth – the carotene goes and we start cooling down a bit – if you have cool skin or it’s only just a bit warm, a warm golden or
strawberry blonde or copper tones will make your face look ruddy.

3. Too cool for your skin – if you have warm skin, cool platinum or ash blondes will make you look
pale and washed out.

4. Too light for your skin – this will make you look washed out or pallid.

5. It’s the same with the pastel tones out there now and the vibrant strong temporary colours. They still need to match your skin tone.

Top tips on choosing your new hair colour

Here are my tips on how to choose a flattering hair colour, no matter what your age or colouring.

If you do not know whether you have warm or cool skin tones, try this – take a piece of silver foil and gold foil , hold them under your chin one at a time, if the silver lighteners your face your are cool tone, if it’s the gold that lightens your face then you are warm tones.

Just remember, the hair colour we had as a teenager is not the hair colour that will be most flattering today as our skin changes and colours need to be gradually lightened and softened with age. The texture of our hair changes , this can be anything from age, medication, hormones. Fashion, what we wear, our make up, all of this needs to be taken into consideration when colouring your hair.

When you choose to use a box colour the colour swatch is usually illustrated on the box,  getting a true colour from a cardboard swatch is not the best. A professional hairstylist cannot endorse these colours, however if you are unable to afford salon prices they work as long as you read and follow all the instructions. When you visit a salon they will have hair swatches that can be tried next to your skin and you will be able to see how the tones make your skin look. When I have clients looking for hair colour change I always look at their skin tone, lifestyle and explain the maintenance, I always try to give the best value and longevity of the colour to ensure low maintenance .

Make sure whatever colour you choose works with your undertone. If you have had a recent personal colour analysis and have a colour swatch, then make sure the colour you’re proposing goes with it. If it doesn’t it won’t look good next to your face!

As hair greys and goes whiter, it’s lightening up, so rather than dying it really dark, which can look washed out and harsh, instead start lightening the colour up.

Highlights work better on those with warm undertones

Cools look better with a block cool colour as it’s very hard to maintain cool highlights without them going brassy and warm. If they do go brassy I recommend using silver shampoo periodically.If you don’t want to block colour, then maybe it’s time to rock the silver!

For olive skintones, dark colours work best and look the most natural. You can pull off deep tones of brown with darker red highlights. If you have pink undertones in your skin, try something softer, like an amber shade. Again, stick within two shades of your current colour.

Consider Your Eyebrows. If your eyebrows are still dark – then you’re most likely to still suit a darker hair colour. You may want to lighten up your hair colour a shade or two, but keep it darker. If you have a warm undertone, you can start adding highlights to blend the grey away at any stage you like. If you have a cool undertone, it’s very hard to dye hair that is less than 80% silver to a good cool light blonde. If your eyebrows have faded, this could be a good indicator that it’s time to embrace the fair side.

Your stylist is there to give you expert advice, professional hairstylist/ colourist can not advise on box colours as they have no idea of their content. Equally so when it all goes wrong it’s not always possible to correct your mistake. You pay for consultation, expertise, assessment on condition of the hair, top brand colours , conditioning, customer service, time , and a relaxing experience.

Thinking of changing your look?

Sometimes a change is as good as a break! Contact me and book a consultation which includes restyling cut, hair, colour advice and if required, styling and makeup advice as well! BE BRAVE, TAKE THAT LEAP… You won’t regret it ?

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