Find the Perfect Bridal Hair Style for Your Face Shape

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Face shapes and hair styles

When you look for your wedding outfit, do you take into consideration

Your face shape or the style you like wearing your hair in?

When we shop for our everyday clothes we look for styles that we are comfortable in, and that fits with our image. Even our work clothes portray our image we want to show. I have been styling bridal hair and make up for many years, and recently feel that a lot of lovely brides know what dress they want for their big day, but the hair is the last thing to be thought about until you book your hair trial.

Many of you having bought / ordered your dress a year before your wedding date and then never see it again for months, in the meantime

Pinterest holds a great attraction to you sifting through hair styles, make up tutorials, don’t get me wrong Pinterest is great for ideas! Can you really imagine some of the hairstyles on you? If the answer is no then read on!

I have put together some face shapes; round, long, oval, square….to help you look for styles that with look perfect on you, if you choose something that goes with your face shape. You will feel glamorous, comfortable and happy that you look like you at your very best. I have written this mainly for bridal but it is a big part of my everyday work. If you are not sure of your face shape ask your stylist

Square face

Volume waved curls

A relaxed bridal style, harder to maintain the style throughout the day … Especially in wind/rain!


  • Flowers
  • Flower crown
  • Hair band
  • Veil would fit in the top best but could be fixed below
  • Crown

Round face

  • Front quiff
  • Elongates the face
  • Keeping the sides close. A very elegant style showing off the neck line
  • Accessories could be pearl drop earnings or if you want glamour go for bling
  • The veil would sit best behind the quiff

Round face

  • Beehive classic
  • This style could be pinned up at the back
  • Low curl chignon or smooth.french pleat. It creates height on the top with a good balance on the sides
  • A tiara would work well as the hair behind the tiara
  • Gives good balance
  • A veil depending on the back of the style could be placed on the crown or lower

Square face

  • Over sized bun with a wispy fringe

Accessories :

  • Ideal for pearl pins
  • Gypsophila
  • Wax flowers
  • Or one large flower
  • The veil may be fixed at the base of the bun
  • The veil would only just be seen from the front

Oval face

  • Soft top textured bun or curls.
  • Classic high chignon
  • Idea would be to braid around the bun for more texture and balance


  • Small flowers or diamond pins
  • Remember if your groom isn’t the tall
  • Then limit the height of your bun.

Long face

  • Half up/down
  • Framing the hair line a little fullness at the sides┬áto balance your features


  • Hair band
  • Flower crown for a boho look
  • Or a decorative comb at the back
  • Veil would fix at the top of the crown or below the accessories

Round face

  • Half up/down
  • Keeping it simple with some heighten the crown
  • Framing the face
  • A tiara would work well with this style
  • Also flower crowns
  • Head bands
  • Veil would sit below the crown or on the top.

Oval face

  • Side bun low chignon
  • A style that enables you to see the hair behind the ears in the nape

Accessories flowers

  • Side comb
  • A veil is more tricky with the off balance bun as the veil would be central.

Square face

  • 1940/50 style
  • Hair is taken back away from your face and with the length below the jaw line
  • Creates a elongated look.


  • Side pins or a bird cage
  • Pillar box hat.
  • Suits this style more than a veil.

Are you a bride to be?

If you are looking for a hair or make-up stylist for your wedding day, please get in touch by calling 07968647258 or book a discovery call.

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