2018 hair and make-up – Current trends and top tips for brides

Hair for brides

There will always be the classic hairstyle, that doesn’t date, but with more people having hair colour in stunning pillar box red, blue, pink, etc are we seeing a turn around? Well, the trends are still subdued unless you are a rock my wedding and already own your rock chick style, for your wedding now is not to change.

Book your hair and makeup stylist early, I offer a discovery call! This has proved to be a great way of getting to know your stylist, after all you need to feel comfortable with who ever you choose. Once you have booked, we will have a chat about the condition of your hair and skin, talk about how to achieve great hair condition, and choose the right time to colour your hair.

When I meet a bride to be for her bridal hair preview consultation , we talk about the wedding plans, theme, and very importantly – the dress. When you make this appointment with me, allow 3 hours ….time really does fly when you are trialing different styles so make sure that you allow the time and enjoy.

If the dress is a high neck, I would suggest a hair updo. However, this doesn’t have to be completely off the face and set and sprayed solid. Very much the opposite ! Softer styles are very flattering and romantic.

I am always looking for new products that give hold and softness without being sticky! One of my favourites at the moment is from an Italian company called Framesi, available only in the trade work-it hairspray , it does just that. L’oreal sprinkle dust is great for adding texture to the hair.

If the dress is off the shoulder or strapless, you would probably go for a half up / down or all down. This is great if you choose not to have a veil as the hair will cascade over your shoulders, be very aware straight hair ladies, there is no magic way of getting the curls to stay in if you have poker straight hair. Hair extensions can bulk out the finest of hair, be careful not to have them too much longer than your own hair as the curl drops differently.

Chignons, smooth ones, curly,ones side ones, Classic timeless and suitable for so many face shapes.

See my hair porfolio for inspiration

Make-up for brides

Although the trend this season in make up is black liner top and bottom lid, this does not reflect in the bridal make up,  I have seen over the past year more trend towards natural makeup, brides want to look like themselves at their very best.

  • Keep  those lips moisturised moisturise and moisturise …. Mac lip conditioner( none sticky) soaks into your lips, ideal for those lip biters out there.
  • Lippy – good old solid lipsticks are making a come back this year. My favourite is Chanel rouge 91 a beautiful soft pink, followed by Charlotte Tilbury absolute Audrey , both stay on well. Invest in a lippy for your top up, and every time you wear it after the big day it will remind you of your wedding.
  • Wedding day must-have: Lip fixation in matte– Jane Iredale.
  • Primer – My favourite are illamasqua. The hydrating, the satin, and the Matt , I have all of these in my kit and love using them.
  • If you just really love black liner go for Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Blacquer, easy application and not too wet. Black eyeliner is taking a dramatic turn in 2018 (as seen at Marc Jacobs and a handful of other runway shows). Trace it thick around both lashlines, wing it out at a dramatic angle, or create graphic shapes with it—just don’t trace a thin line above your lashes and call it a day.

Are you a bride to be?

If you are looking for a hair or make-up stylist for your wedding day, please get in touch by calling 07968647258 or book a discovery call.

Styling consultation – it’s time to update your look

A change is as good as a break…

Whether you believe this old saying or not, every single person can relate to that feeling of “same old, same old” – well now is the time to put this feeling to bed… With the influence of London and Paris Fashion Weeks in the air, the change of colours in the countryside and the change in the weather…it might also be the right time to make other changes to the way you look and feel. How many times have you flicked through magazines or seen a style on TV and thought “I would love to look like that” but never actually gone through with it?!? I admit, I have done this myself – many times! It’s so much safer and easier to stick to what you know, but this leaves you with that all too familiar “same old, same old” feeling!

Now is the time to take that leap!

One month ago I took the hugely brave decision to crop my hair – I had always thought about it, pondered it, procrastinated for weeks and then never actually gone through with it. With a few nudges and pushes, I finally did it and I must say it was the best decision I have made in a long time!

I have felt a complete boost since having the chop – I feel more confident, fun and it has opened up so many other options that I can now experiment with…make up, hair colours, hair accessories, clothes and styles! I have had so much fun over the last month changing things up, wearing different styles, trying out new looks! I have adapted my wardrobe – which isn’t as expensive as you may first think – to suit my new hair and style. I have adapted the clothing that I already had, added a few items to compliment what I already have – I feel excited and inspired and brave… Imagine if you had that one person who could push you to be brave and just go for it; or someone to suggest styles for you if you have no idea what route you want to take – it just takes that one little brave step to open up so much!

With all of this in mind, I have been inspired to offer a special consultation to include restyling cut, hair, colour advice (if required, styling and makeup advice. Bring your makeup bag and lets rummage together and see what delights you have forgotten you owned! This consultation would allow for a two hour period to concentrate solely on you and what you want. I am offering this special consultation at a cost of only £100 for a limited period. (hair colour is extra I am happy to quote)

You won’t regret it 🙂